Motorised Lightship - no. 1 "Horns-Rev"

Museum and exhibition ship in Esbjerg

Motorised Leightschip.jpg

Open for visitors (01.05 - 31.09):
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00-12.00
or if there is crew on board.

Call +45 4061 8609 or +45 7170 1195 for booking a visit at the lightship

Adults: DKK. 25.00
Children (8 - 15): DKK. 10.00
Children (0 - 8): Free

Ship`s data:

Lenght: 33,582 m
Width:  6,826 m
Depth:  3,478 m
Light height: 11 m.
Build year: 1913 – 1924
Anchor: Plough anchor, later Patent anchor
Motor: Two cylinder - Two takt-Motor: 125 HK.
Yard: Rasmus Møllers Værft, Fåborg.
Material: Oak-wood and Kobberplates below waterline.
Build price: 151.350 DKK (Price on yar1913.)


Countract for the construction of Motorised Lightship no. 1, signed on June 15th by Lighthouse
Directory. Mr. H. V. Ravn, and master shipbuilder Mr. Rasmus Møller`Yard ( Faaborg )  
Price 151.350,00 DKr.

Lightship under construction.

Motorised Lightship no. 1, delivered from the Yard complete according to contract on August 1st.

July 11th - Motorised Lightship no.1 positioned at station Vyl off Esbjerg.

Positioned at station Vyl.

On account of the danger of mines, Motorised Lightship no. 1 was ordered to leave station Vyl and proceed to Esbjerg.

1918 - 19
Laid up in Esbjerg.

Oktober 20th, in position once more at station Vyl.

1921 - 38
In position at Vyl - only taken out of service for shoter periods for major overhauls and/or - repairs in Esbjerg and Copenhagen, or positioned tempararily at Grådyb and Horns-Rev stations.

On account of mining in connection with the outbreak of World War II, Motorised Lightship no. 1 was brought to Esbjerg. Towed in November to Danish inland waters.

1940 - 44
Stationed in Danish inland waters.

Stationed in position again at Vyl.

1946 - 48
Motorised Lightship no. 1, in position at station Vyl - only interrupted by major overhauls + repairs in Esbjerg and Svendborg.

May 4th, Motorised Lightship no. 1 replace a German lightship at station HR. 1 ( Hanstholm route )

1950 - 51
Motorised Lightship no. 1 placed at station HR. 1

Oktober 24th. lightship moved to station ER ( Esbjerg route )

1953 - 68
Motorised Lightship no. 1 at station ER - apart from periods of overhaul / repairs in Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

August 5th. placed once more at station Vyl.

1970 - 74
In position at Vyl.

Motorised Lightship no. 1 placed at station Horns - Rev.

1976 - 79
In position at station Horns - Rev

April 17th. Motorised Lightship no. 1 , leaves station Horns - Rev, the last lightship off Esbjerg.
The ship is placed as on observation ship at Hatterrev, among other places.

April 2nd, Motorised Lightship no. 1 placed at station MØN. S. E.

1982 - 87
In position at station MØN. S. E.

March 22nd, Motorised Lightship no. 1 is towed from station MØN. S. E. to Holmen, where in April it is made ready for sale.

September 16th, Minister of Defence, the Han, Mr. Knud Enggaard, hands over the lightship to the *Foundation for the Preservation and Maintenance of Motorised Lightship no. 1 in Esbjerg*

July 8th. Motorised Lightship no. 1 * Horns - Rev *, opens as a museum and exhibition ship in Esbjerg Harbour.